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The School is Flat

A Year at Mission Hill – a series of short films about a pilot school in Boston where teachers have full autonomy – is an example of the kinds of experiments that will shape the future of education.  Find out what happens when teachers are given complete autonomy from an administration.  If you haven’t seen any of their episodes, I highly recommend starting from the beginning, here:

This school mimics experiments in other kinds of organizations to be flat, hierarchically-speaking, so as to be most nimble, democratic and transparent.  For example, check out this post and video from Huffington Post about the bossless-office: “Bossless Office? Companies Experiment with Non-Hierarchical Workplaces (VIDEO)“.

Lastly, I appreciate the insights of this fellow blogger Kim Farris-Berg at Education Evolving who wrote individual reactions and additional insight into each of the 10 videos in the series – which is soon to become a feature-length film “Good Morning Mission Hill”.


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