Tim Ferriss and Seth Godin talk education

Okay – and many other things. But still, I admire Seth’s perspective on education so much that I thought I’d share this great podcast episode with you. (Also, I recently started a podcast about secrets.) Seth argues that we should focus on teaching young people two essential things in school: leadership and problem solving.

Godin’s point is that someone somewhere else in the world will always be more disciplined – and if competing against them for a job, US students won’t benefit from a strong emphasis on this skill, for example. But, he believes, if students are good at leadership and problem solving, then they would have indispensable skills for every situation. He also argues that “anything worth knowing is worth looking up on the internet” and that memorizing trivial knowledge should be phased out.

What would a school be like if the entire experience was built around leadership and problem solving? Is there be a third or fourth subject that is as universally important?


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