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Andreas Schleicher: “Use data to build better schools”

Andreas Schleicher delivers a stellar TED Talk that compels the viewer to question everything they’ve known about what makes a school system excellent.  He plainly lays out why we have it all wrong about school funding.  For example, summarizing the differences between countries that spent monumentally different amounts of money, in total, on education:

“…actually, how they spend their money matters a lot more than how much they invest in education”

He goes on to explain later that the nature of the systemic problems we face in the United States education system is “mirrored in students behavior”:

Andreas Schleicher (source: TED Blog
Andreas Schleicher (source: TED Blog

“When we ask students about what counts for success in mathematics, students in North America will typically tell us ‘well, you know, it’s all about talent, if I’m not born as a genius in math then I better go study something else.’

… 9 out of 10 Japanese students will tell you that ‘it depends on my own investment, on my own effort’ and that tells you a lot about the systems around them.”

One final compelling quote from Schleicher, at about 3:07:

“The test of truth in life is not whether we can remember what we learned in school, but whether we are prepared for change.”

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Seth Godin: “Stop Stealing Dreams”

“And now we’re at a crossroads because as a culture we say the only thing we care about is interesting, is art, is new … and then we spend all of our money, all of our time teaching people not do that.”

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Susan Cain on the Power of Introverts

In a recent conversation with educators on Twitter (using the #edchat hashtag) the question was raised about how to make our grading of projects and learning about student “growth” rather than about finishing the task or activity.  More importantly, how do we consider the growth of all types of students? Project-based learning is a hot-topic… Continue reading Susan Cain on the Power of Introverts

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Ken Robinson on the Education System

Ken Robinson is the leading voice in synthesizing the education system and trends for laypeople.  He gives a powerful critique on standardization and the school model that the Western world has maintained more or less since the enlightenment period.  I mostly agree (especially in regards to the tracking of students based on age, the standardization… Continue reading Ken Robinson on the Education System