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The Dilemma of Schools

“The Dilemma of schools: The skills that are easiest to teach and test are also the ones that are easiest to digitize, automate and outsource” says Linda Darling-Hammond in this video where she explains the state of education in the US to an audience in Australia.

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A Midsemester Night’s Dream: Make Testing Awesome

What if we just admitted that standardized tests are first designed to suck – and then tried to have fun with them anyway? What if students represented different classrooms with flags and colors (perhaps uniforms) with pump-up music blasting …

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Studio H: Design, Build and Transform

Shop class + art class + service learning = Studio H.  It’s a design studio for high school students in Berkeley, CA (formerly in North Carolina) that bares resemblance to the hacker/maker revolution.  They aim to “Design for Education for Tomorrow”.  Their curriculum model is intriguingly unique – unmistakably made by architects and designers, ambitious in… Continue reading Studio H: Design, Build and Transform

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Salman Khan and Katie Salen: A Dialogue

Salman Khan and Katie Salen are two people inventing new directions for how we learn. In this article in Fast Company (March 2013), they share where their visions for education intersect and diverge: Khan: “… The ability to seek out information and take ownership of your own learning is far more important than any particular skill.“ Salen:… Continue reading Salman Khan and Katie Salen: A Dialogue

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Andreas Schleicher: “Use data to build better schools”

Andreas Schleicher delivers a stellar TED Talk that compels the viewer to question everything they’ve known about what makes a school system excellent.  He plainly lays out why we have it all wrong about school funding.  For example, summarizing the differences between countries that spent monumentally different amounts of money, in total, on education:

“…actually, how they spend their money matters a lot more than how much they invest in education”

He goes on to explain later that the nature of the systemic problems we face in the United States education system is “mirrored in students behavior”:

Andreas Schleicher (source: TED Blog
Andreas Schleicher (source: TED Blog

“When we ask students about what counts for success in mathematics, students in North America will typically tell us ‘well, you know, it’s all about talent, if I’m not born as a genius in math then I better go study something else.’

… 9 out of 10 Japanese students will tell you that ‘it depends on my own investment, on my own effort’ and that tells you a lot about the systems around them.”

One final compelling quote from Schleicher, at about 3:07:

“The test of truth in life is not whether we can remember what we learned in school, but whether we are prepared for change.”